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CMU Student Grocery Service

CMU Student Grocery Service

for matching drivers with shoppers

Design Challenge

Our team was tasked to create a service intervention for students. We designed a rideshare service app for grocery shopping among students.


  • Audience: CMU student body
  • Team: Kailin Dong, Verena Vredeveld
  • Class: How People Work (School of Design)


  1. Understanding the Issue
  2. Deliverables

Grocery Rideshare App

Carnegie Mellon campus is not close to any grocery shops in Pittsburgh. None of these conveniences are within walking distance from campus. As a result, many students must bus to the grocery shops, using precious tiem and resources, and limiting their purchases. Some fortunate students are able to drive to grocery stores, because they have their own cars. We devised a system where we can match up drives who are already planning on shopping with shoppers with no private vehicular access for a safer, more expedient system. 

We wanted to learn about the difficulties shoppers encounter with the grocery shopping process, as well as their shopping habits (e.g. solitary or with friends). We devised an app for students to use to make the experience more enjoyable. 


1. Research

Current State Models

First, I mapped out the experience of grocery shopping on campus as my team and I understood it. We look at key relationships between demographic, housing location, transportation, grocery store location, and other major concerns before we identified key areas where we could use strategic interventions. We identified key stakeholders and broke down our target population into different groups.




Next, my team interviewed two people who owned cars and two people who didn't, both groups members of our representative demographic. We found similarities in their concerns and looked for a way both groups could help each other. 



My group then surveyed a group of college students from various backgrounds, including those not at Carnegie Mellon University, to understand the general behaviors and attitude people have towards grocery shopping. From their responses, we identified a series of pressure points. 

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2. Scenario Walkthrough

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